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N O N O E M U H A M M Y S: The Owner is a SHE.

The Owner is a SHE.

Full Name : Nursyafiqah Azreen binti Muhamad Yasin.
Also known as : Nonoe Muhammys.
Nick Name : Nonoe/Noreen.
Date of Birth : March 27th 1992.
Hometown : Sri Aman, Sarawak.
Current City : Sri Aman, Sarawak.
Height : 154cm.
Weight : 53kg.
Character : I have a dark skin, but not black. I have long straight black hair with a little bit of burgundy. And I have a dark brown eyes. I am a loyal and a friendly person. I hate feathery animals ; chickens, birds, ducks, penguins etc.  I don't want any PERVERTHACKERSFAKERSSTALKERSPOSERSBACKSTABBERSHATERSATTENTION SEEKERS in my life ! And yes, I do melatah sometimes, so don't approach me by surprise, okay !?
My status : I'm deeply in love with a Chinese guy. So, no need to flirt. 

As simple as myself ! thank you for stopping by ! 

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